Blending in with locals when travelingIn a new place, newcomers are easily recognized by not only the appearance but by how one acts and utterance. Vendors in popular tourist destinations use this advantage in defining your interests and how much you are willing to spend by a simple glance. It is difficult to hide your identity in a different culture and country generally. As a visitor, it is your task to ensure that you appear like a seasoned traveler rather than a vulnerable target.


As a nonresident, respecting the culture and traditions of the visited location is mandatory. Find out about the code of dressing for a particular country and work on ensuring that it is followed. In cases where there is doubt, cover your skin to prevent unnecessary glances. For example in some countries, it is unacceptable to go to church in shorts which would otherwise be offensive.


Language comes in handy for effective communication. Some foreign languages have words that may come out as ‘bad’ English words or even sound funny. Always respect the language and it is respectful not to laugh or make fun of the language. When one is in no position to understand the native language, as in a polite manner if the native can communicate in English. In most cases, the natives will speak better in English than you could do their language. Things may, however, be lost in translation hence need to speak clearly and in simpler ways.


In some countries, speaking in high tones may put off some of the revelers in that particular joint. Various establishments are accustomed to setting the tables close to each other and in smaller spaces hence need to keep your volume down. Respect of your surroundings is important in ensuring that you maintain a stable and meaningful relationship with locals. There is absolutely the exception of sporting events or even outdoor activities.

Absorbing culture

Using all the five senses in absorbing local culture helps you blend perfectly. At least go out of your hotel room and breathe in the native air or even have a taste of the culinary delights. It is wise however to ask for directions from people in shops or stroll in the streets rather than restaurant staff who may have struck a deal with local eateries. Also, work on discovering the traditions that are common to the locals but come out new to you.

Traveling is one of the most pleasurable experiences. Learn here how to blend in with the locals to ensure you enjoy each and every moment.