Africa countries to travel for a vacationAfrica is a huge continent and posse’s vast identities, cultures, and a rich history. The continent has a recognized diversity. As they say to go is to see. Travelling opens someone’s eyes and it makes us appreciate how wonderful and diverse Africa is. Whatever you have in your mind may it basking in the white sandy beaches or visiting the Atlas Mountains, having an up close to the big five, Africa is a worth country visiting. The second largest continent in the world has a lot more to offer. Here are some of the best countries that you can visit for your vacation;


Seychelles holds the reputation of the most idyllic place to tour in the whole world. Besides its white beaches, Seychelles has national parks found on the islands and the country showcases its beauty and heritage through them.


In terms of natural land and wildlife, Botswana reserves the bragging rights. The country is committed and dedicated in the conservation of environment and wildlife. This makes the country an ideal place to visit if your interest is on wildlife. The locals here are welcoming and very friendly. Also, the country is known for its stunning water color style sunsets.


The country has amazing landscapes and also rich in wildlife. The Etosha national park is every visotro destination. The national park boosts of 114 different families of mammals and more than 300 species of bird. On top of it, you can enjoy a bike tour crossing the Namib Desert. Do not leave without exploring the ghost town of kolmanskop.


The volcanoes national park is the home to gorillas. Gorilla’s lovers can always find a solace here. The profit earned from the money collected is channeled at conserving the park. The money is also used to build hospitals and schools for the community. Are you an Arsenal fan? You now understand why they emphasize on visiting Rwanda.


Ever had of the phrase “Hakuna Matata’, it simply means no trouble at all. For sure, there is none. Kenya is the main site of the great migration. Over two million wild animals which include gazelles, wildebeests, and zebra travel from Maasai Mara national park to Serengeti.


If you love hiking, then this the best place for you. It is the home to the highest mountain in Africa and it dominates the landscape. Whether you are climbing or not, the view is a lifetime experience even from the ground.

Traveling African countries when you are on vacation can be a wonderful experience. Here you can find more information about how to blend with locals when you are traveling abroad and make your travel more enjoyable.