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Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) which comprises of low sex drive in women where she cannot get sexual urges or feelings.

This condition can be disastrous to any relationship as well as for a person herself.

Low sex drive in women can be due to many factors which include hormonal imbalance, medications, menopause and other medically related conditions.

The condition, however, creates a lot of problems for women, especially during sex.

It is reported that many women experience painful moments due to vaginal dryness and other sexual obstructive conditions.

Symptoms of low sex drive include:

  • No interest in sexual activity
  • No sexual thoughts
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Difficulty in achieving arousal or orgasm
  • Lack of sensitivity of the genitals
  • Increased friction due to vaginal dryness which causes pain

Causes of Low Libido (Sex Drive) in Females

There are many causes which involve in affecting the sexual desire of female, the later outcomes become serious to handle as they can leave a negative impact on lifestyle and relationships.

For this purpose, many women tried over the counter female Viagra to help with this issue, but without knowing the exact cause you cannot choose sexual enhancement pills. Some of the noticeable causes of having a low sex drive in females include:

  1. Hormonal Changes

Hormonal alteration occurs during the menstrual cycle or when a female is going through menopause.

Two essential hormones estrogen and progesterone deficiency can cause vaginal dryness and lack of sexual feelings.

Other than this woman who is breastfeeding or pregnant can experience low sex drive.

  1. Physical Causes

Some changes in physical performance and drug-induced changes can cause lack of sex drive.

Some women feel pain while insertion which makes sex less pleasing to them.

Medical conditions like arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and the neurological condition can affect female libido.

Either you are an alcoholic or a chain smoker your sex drive will be present at a very low rate.

Just like if you are on antidepressant or antihistamine drugs you’re known to have the low sexual desire.

Any surgeries of the breast or genitals can affect your body hormones which delivers sexual satisfaction.

Some women are so much worn off because of their hectic life routine which also affects their mind to think less about sexual stuff.

  1. Psychological Causes

The state of mind can certainly affect your sexual desire.

Psychological causes of having low self-esteem, poor body image and depression-like issues can decrease your sexual appetite.

Any history of sexual abuse and negative sexual experience can contribute to these situations.

Top Female Enhancement Pills

Female sex pills are being used by many women to save their marriage and relationships from jeopardy.

Sexual intimacy is becoming an important aspect in any relationship which is why people are taking it much more seriously than before.

Products like over the counter female Viagra were in demand once, but not after the potentially hazardous effects which almost made many women quit sex enhancing supplements.

The best female arousal products are available in many varieties which is why you need to take a brief look at product’s info.

3 Best Female Sex Pills In The Market

Over the counter female sex, drive pills are available without prescription which sounds like a relief to many women.

The list of over the counter female enhancement products contains too many supplements, all of them differs in terms of safety and efficacy.

We have followed many women’s health forums and after a detailed analysis, we are able to enlist 3 top female sex products which are proven to gain women’s trust in delivering outclass results.

These are:

  1. Provestra
  2. Vigorelle
  3. Hersolution

Final Verdict

Over the counter female Viagra has become an old-fashioned treatment for increasing female sex drive.

Instead many natural/herbal treatments have been formulated which delivers amplified effects with no side effects.

There are plenty of female enhancement pills on the market and each of them claims to give the best possible outcomes.

In order to find the best treatment for low libido in females, our 3 best sex pills are mentioned above which works with women of every age and health condition.

If you talk about customer feedbacks, Provestra vs Vigorelle have the best customer reviews.

Female Sex Drive Pills should be chosen with great cautions because while you select the wrong product, chances of adverse effects get double. 

For more information see this hard men store for other products review and results.

Which is why products made with the natural formula are the best treatment for boosting female libido.

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