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Ocarina Expeditions Costa Rica

Ocarina Expeditions is an outdoor adventure
company that has been working in Costa Rica since 14 years through travel Agencies and wholesalers in USA, Costa Rica, and in Europe. Our agreements with international wholesalers and personal contacts in the country enable us to offer unique tours at the lowest possible prices.

As a small operation we can assure the best personal service, prices, and unique tours in the Costa Rican Outdoor Adventure market. We have designed a number of exclusive adventures enabling people to experience a region from different.


Our tours are designed with both the wilderness and local communities in mind and are the refore conducted in a low impact manner; using recyclables, packing garbage out, and taking only pictures.  We attempt to use local resources such as guides, horse stables, or restaurants to give our guests close interaction with the native culture and to increase the economic benefits to the communities.

We believe that tourism can be a positive influence to the local cultures as well as natural environments, but care is required to achieve this goal.

Volcano Hikes   Transportation   Ocarina Tours
Volcano Hikes   Transportation   Ocarina Expeditions

More than 100 species of mammals, 400 species of birds and more than 1,200 species of amphibians and reptiles...


Private transportation to the main tourist destinations. This service is especially convenient because it is safe, efficient, comfortable...


Car Rental, Daily Tours, Hotels, Lodges and Guesthouses, Itineraries, Open Voucher, White Water Rafting...

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